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Education Systems

By Victoria Hill

After having spent the past few months in Spain and at I.E.S Pedro de Valdivia, it was obvious that the education system is set-up quite differently but does have some similarities to that of the United States. Here, I present the education system that I experienced growing up:

From the age when I was born until age three, I stayed at home with mom and my twin brother, Christopher. When we were four years old, we began kindergarten (the first year of official schooling) at Loker Elementary School in Wayland, Massachusetts.  I attended kindergarten for half of the day and would go home for lunch and the rest of the day. My brother and I were very young when we entered kindergarten; we were only four for the first two months, and my mom was hesitant to put us into school all day. The school was only ten minutes away so we would walk down the street to the bus stop and the bus would take us to school. I attended kindergarten through fifth grade (age 10-11) at Loker. In elementary school, we had a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We could buy our lunch at school, but I preferred to bring it from home. In third grade, students could choose to play an instrument. I began playing the clarinet in fourth grade. In elementary school, students stay in one classroom all day. They have the same teacher for math, reading and writing. They only leave the room for art, music and PE classes. Sigue leyendo